Trip to Bacolod

Early last week, my cousin texted me that she would treat me to a trip to Bacolod, specifically at the famous Campuestohan. Of course I said yes immediately without even consulting my parents first because it was somehow like a miracle!

Going to Bacolod was definitely out of the question in my summer vacation, because I’m enrolled in a summer class, and going there would be costly! However, an opportunity like this should be grabbed, so that’s what I did. I talked to my parents, and miraculously also, they agreed.

Friday, April 8, 2016, we left at around 4:30pm. We rode a regular, non-air conditioned Ceres bus because we were late and missed their new (King Long) bus. That was a bummer, but since we were determined to arrive at Bacolod as soon as possible, we took it. I am still thankful though, because I am the type of person who gets dizzy/motion sickness easily in long road trips. For people like me, I recommend the following:

  • Make sure to wear comfortable clothing.
  • Take medicine/s to prevent motion sickness (like Bonamine).
  • Open the windows! You need fresh air.
  • Don’t read.
  • Listen to music or talk to your seatmate (if you know him/her).
  • Sleep.

My seatmate was my cousin, so it was very easy for me to talk to her to pass the time. We chatted about the books I’ve read, and of course, I gladly told her everything! I love talking about books, so it wasn’t a surprise that we ended up talking about them for almost two hours–non stop.

We also talked about her life, and how she feels her current job is draining the life out of her. Her current job is her first one because she just graduated last year. She told me how she is still finding herself, and it actually sort of frightened me because I thought life after graduation is great and that jobs you love are everywhere. But I guess you just have to be lucky, and it made me contemplate about life in general. Maybe i’ll write another post about this in the future, however, right now let’s move on to the point of this post.

Wait, one thing about the trip that I would never forget was when we had a stopover at Mabinay terminal and the konduktor or bus conductor said the stop would still take a while because they were going to have their dinner. There was a Scooby’s restaurant near the terminal, so my cousin, her two friends, and I decided to have our dinner there.

I am also the type of person who needs to pee from time to time. So right after I had finished eating my dinner, I excused myself to find the restroom. I really had to pee first before we continue our trip! However, just when I found the restroom (which was outside the building), I noticed that our bus was not there anymore at the last place we saw it. They left us.

I was shocked and was debating to run back to my cousin and tell her about it or go inside the restroom and pee. Well, I chose the latter. My bladder is more important!

However, while I was doing my thing, I was already planning on what to do because the bus practically left us, not to mention our things were still there! I wasn’t freaking out that time, to be honest, and i didn’t know why. I was just calm and thinking positive– we would just wait for the next bus, contact my cousin’s boyfriend in Bacolod to get our things, and then voila! problem solved.

Thankfully though, when I exited the restroom, the bus was back! My cousin and her friends were already inside, and that was when I concluded that trusting in God and staying positive always do the trick. In the bus, we just laughed about it, though some of the other passengers were somewhat mad because they came back just for us. Oh well!


The next day was the highlight of our trip.


From Charito Heights in Granada, Bacolod–where we stayed the previous night–the ride to Campuestohan took about thirty to forty-five minutes.

To be honest, I hadn’t really researched about Campuestohan, what to do there and what to expect. I thought it was just a place with cool views to take pictures at. I also thought it wouldn’t be so hot because well, it’s a highland resort. But boy was I wrong! It was scorching hot, the kind of heat that makes you doubt if you’re really living on Earth or inside an oven.

Since we hadn’t made a reservation, we had no choice but to take a table located beside the rope course area, which cost us 700 pesos.

Other important things to note:

  • You can bring your own food with you, which is great!
  • The entrance fee is 150 pesos.
  • Your table/cottage reservation varies on the location (I don’t know the prices, sorry!).
  • You can stay overnight there. They have cute huts you can stay in.
  • The rope course: 200 pesos; Cable Hamster: 100 pesos; Sky Bicycle: 100 pesos (these are the only rides we took).
  • The Horseback riding only allows 50kg or below. Bummer!
  • Bring a camera (phone, sure).
  • Always have someone to take your pictures! lol.
  • Apply sunblock. Wear a hat. Bring an umbrella.
  • Know the basic or commonly used Ilonggo words when you ask for a ride: Bilog= How many (okay, so that’s basically the only word I found useful because our dialect–Bisaya–is somehow a little bit the same, otherwise, just speak Tagalog or English!)

The outfit I would recommend for you to wear if you want to go there would be:

  • Summer outfit– shorts, tank top, slippers– because it’s very hot! Typical resort/pool outfit. However, if you plan on going on the rides, do wear shoes.
  • If you plan to experience the rope course, wear good shoes (preferably with laces), leggings or anything that can make you move freely. Shorts are okay but if you don’t want to get scratches that much on your thighs, wear leggings or stretchable pants.

We didn’t go for a swim because there were a lot of people in the pool, and I didn’t feel comfortable with that (it’s just me, maybe). Also because the line in all Female restrooms were always long–you know, girls. Hmmm.

Our first ride was the cable hamster, and I felt like it was some sort of a workout. It was great, but not really fun because I was focused on my feet walking only along the designated line (as what the Kuya in-charge told us). The wind was really strong, and one time when I stopped to appreciate the view, it almost blew me backwards, so I tried my hardest to push forward so the wheel wouldn’t be pushed back or shaken again. My grip on the metal handles was so strong! My knuckles legit turned to white and my hands were sweating so much.

People can see you from below, so might as well do your best! Hahah!

Since it was very hot that day, walking around the resort was not really a great idea. We did take some pictures, but we stayed in our table and appreciate the cool shade most of the time (well, I had no choice because the people i’m with preferred to stay there, I, on the other hand, was itching to try all the rides).

The second ride my cousin and I tried was the Sky Bicycle. It took us almost an hour to wait for our turn because a lot of tourists were also lining to try it. What was great with this Sky Bicycle thing was that they have four cables available. So barkada friendly!

Sky Bicycling for me at first was super scary. I refused to look anywhere but the tower in front of me, which was our destination. I was super scared that if I’d move side-wards, I would fall. However, since my cousin was very chatty, I gulped down my fear (more like, sang my anxieties away) and appreciated the view around me. It was really a nice experience after all!

Okay, now moving on to the highlight of our Campuestohan tour: The Rope Course

If you are planning to visit Campuestohan, you should definitely try the rope course!

It was super hard (haha) but it was fun and fulfilling in the end! It was legit worth two months of workout for me, and definitely a great test for one’s stamina.

This rope course really requires a good upper body strength (which I lack, hence, the muscle pains all over my arms) and good body coordination. You have to remember how to breathe because breathing properly during these strenuous obstacles is very important. You also just have to convince yourself not to fall (this doesn’t sound very convincing at all, but it works!), however, if you feel like you really can’t do it, it’s okay, you can just let yourself fall and the harness will catch you (unlike in love *insert hugot quotes*).

In conclusion, this rope course is somehow an epitome of “looks can be deceiving.” If you’re looking at it from the outside or from afar, it seems easy, but if you’re really pushing through the obstacles already, you would want to take what you said back.

We completed more than a half of it, because we were already very exhausted and also it was time to go home. Too bad we didn’t finish it, but our bodies were already yelling “NO” like Meghan Trainor. So with aching muscles, but fulfilled spirit, we left the resort at around 6:30pm.

To be honest, I am really a scaredy-cat. Though I am not that afraid of heights, I am very well afraid of falling. I’m not a dare devil, and I don’t think I ever will be. However, I tried these rides (and the rope course) to face my fears. I don’t want to look back on that day and feel sad that I didn’t try–and that I didn’t grab those rare opportunities. I want to say that though I felt so scared, I still pushed through and experienced something new and totally out of my comfort zone.

These kinds of experiences are the ones I  would really treasure the most, and would have a very special place in my heart. I’m not saying that everyone should go out there and step outside their comfort zones right away to experience something great. Stepping outside our comfort zones is very tough, and you can’t achieve that overnight.

What I’m saying is that we shouldn’t let our fears overpower us and hinder us from living our life to the fullest. We shouldn’t live in the shadows of what could’ve been because it is truly better to have more Oh well’s in life than What if’s. Not everyone is gutsy enough, even me, but everyone is capable of being one when the time calls for it. It takes time and determination. If we have those, then we could be living our life the way life should be lived: more, and without inhibitions.

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