Trip to Boardwalk Tanjay

Four words: Tanjay Mangrove Forest Boardwalk.


It was my second time to visit this place, and I still got that same magical feeling I had felt the first time I visited last December of last year. I honestly felt like I have stepped on to something from fantasy books– or at least, a leap from my ordinary (unmagical– in the literal sense) daily life.

This Boardwalk is a governmental project, that is why you can enter it for free–however, they accept donations too for the maintenance and improvement of the said place.

Boardwalk Tanjay is basically a bridge traversing among the beautiful Mangrove trees, leading to the also beautiful and breath-taking beach. The bridge branches out to several directions or deck views. There are cottages where you can spend the afternoon in, and a restaurant to fill your growling stomach. A nice picnic inside this hidden treasure cove, what’d you say? 🙂

It is a hidden treasure indeed because it is about 5km from the center of Tanjay City (which is a 2 hour drive from Dumaguete City– the capital city of Negros Oriental). And as what we all know, the journey to every hidden treasure is not an easy one. This is not an exception. But of course, it’s worth the 2 plus hours of travel. It is a very picturesque place that you’d surely miss when you leave.

The Bridge and the Mangrove trees. Sometimes, the sea water could reach a higher level, but when we went there, adding to the fact that it was late in the afternoon, the water level was low; therefore, the roots of the trees were very visible.

We couldn’t resist taking a lot of pictures!

It was really nice to be back again. I really enjoyed our short visit (that’s why you need to go there early! 5:30pm is their closing time)

Oh, did I mention that on the way to Boardwalk, you get to pass by a very scenic view too? Yeah, I’m at that part. Haha.

Nature is indeed very beautiful, and it saddens me that each and everyone of us is destroying it everyday. I hope we would all take little actions in to appreciating and taking good care of Mother Earth, because she’s the only one we got. I am still working on that, sadly, but i’m starting–and that’s a lot better than doing nothing at all. I hope you are also with me in this journey.

By the way, Happy Earth Day!

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Love from Boardwalk Tanjay ❤

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