We’ll Get Through :)

A.W.O.L or Absent Without Official Leave.

For the last two months, I went A.W.O.L. Not just here, but also in Wattpad. Which basically meant that I had taken a break from writing or from letting my creative juices flow into words and thoughts. I miss it. I miss writing as much as I miss the Old Disney.

July and August had been tough months for me. I had a lot of responsibilities in school since I am a student leader; a lot of academic requirements to pass and lessons to study since I am also aiming to have high grades. I was just too occupied with my responsibilities that I found no time for writing. I just use all my spare time to read, rest, or procrastinate. I miss forming the jumbled thoughts in my head into words and sentences on a paper. I miss imagining, feeling, and living behind long paragraphs.

The last couple of months had changed me into a different kind of person. I had experienced a lot of failures, challenges, and pain in that short span of time. There was even a point when I wished everything would just stop so I can breathe properly. There were days when I wished I didn’t choose this and that. There were hours when I just couldn’t stop crying because of frustration and being a complete failure. There were minutes that I dread and wished time would go faster so I could close my eyes and just forget everything for a while.

I honestly thought I wouldn’t survive those months.

However, here I am today, typing and putting my feelings and thoughts out into this little wonderland. I am smiling, and feeling a lot better than before.

I survived. I got through that painful phase, escaped the maze, and became a different– better person.

My perspective has changed for the better, and I feel like my horizon has widened.

For the last couple of weeks after, there were times when I’d pause for a while and just smile because of the thought that i got through those hard times. It is indeed amazing to be able to breathe properly again. I see a lot of people going through that same phase in life. And in my head I am always hoping and praying that they won’t give up. Because as cliche as this may sound, things really do get better.

This post goes to the people who are currently in a situation that they don’t think they’d survive from. And I will tell you, don’t give up. You’ll get through. Life has a funny way of teaching us lessons that will change us. It is up to us to decide if it is for the better or for the worse, and I do hope each of us would choose the former. We just have to stay strong, have faith in God that everything will get better, and always look at the positive side of life.

Life doesn’t have to be all black and white. You just have to learn to see it in another perspective. We have to learn to see it in vibrant colors. We have to believe that it is beautiful, and live it as extraordinarily as we can.

I know there’s still a long way to go before we can truly be in that happy state that we always wanted to be. We just have to sacrifice a little, because we’ll get there eventually.



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