How to be Happy

Lately, I’ve been receiving compliments about how I’m still smiling and thinking positively even in stressful situations.

These little compliments my friends throw casually at me actually means quite a lot. It never fails to make my heart feel big whenever I hear them say this, because considering the fact that I’ve spent most of my life nestling negative thoughts, this is actually a whole new level of accomplishment. And I think I deserve to feel good about it.

I’m still trying to be a better version of myself, and after years of trying to master the art of pushing away bad vibes, I can fairly say that I’m doing great now. I still have my moments, but I always see to it that I don’t spread negativity or bad vibes (at least most of the times!). I don’t want to be the reason why people around me are devastated or in such a bad mood. And I think if everyone is like this–or at the least try to be– then our society would not be as suck-y as it is.

To continually go through life happily, I’ve come up with 3 life-questions or guidelines that I always turn to whenever I feel down or at an all time low.


  • Why do i want to be happy?


I want to be happy because I want to experience the amazing feeling that genuine happiness can only conjure.

It is an unexplainable feeling, but at the same time, it can be compared to a warm sunny day in a field of flowers with no worries in your mind and with your spirit full and free.

They say happiness is a choice, and it really is. It is a choice that most people would want to choose every single day, but sadly, most of them also fail to do so. It is something that sometimes comes with a high price, a sacrifice to make.

In order for us to be happy, we need to know and always remember why we wanted to be happy in the first place.

  • I want to be happy because I want to feel good.
  • I want to be happy because I want to inspire people.
  • I want to be happy because it makes me look younger.

Whatever our reason for wanting to be happy, we must always remember them— most especially in times of distress.

We must always look back at our reasons so the negative thoughts in our heads will be whooshed away because WE WANT TO FEEL GOOD—so we must feel good! WE WANT TO INSPIRE PEOPLE—so we must vanish the negative vibes around us and instead radiate positive ones that will show in the way we do things and how we interact with people. In the process, we inspire them about life, love, and other beautiful things. WE WANT TO LOOK YOUNGER—and we will when we always smile and laugh. Eyes twinkling, happy wrinkles showing, cheeks pink from the pressure of smiling and laughing, heart so full and mind at peace, stomach aching from enjoyment, and tears of joy glimmering around the eyes. These things can make a person look ten times younger than they really are. Don’t we want that? Of course we do. Every one of us wants to be happy because it is a beautiful thing, and every one of us deserves to always feel that way.

We must remember our reasons for wanting happiness in our lives. And in this way we get to always choose to be happy—to choose goodness and positivity.


  • How do i look at things?


How we look at life is a great factor on the choices and decisions that we make. Our perspective tells a lot about how we live.

If we see life in black and white, we will be living our lives in black and white. If we want to be happy, we must choose to look at the brighter side of things and change our perspective over things for the better.

There is beauty in everything, and it takes a lot of determination and discipline not to let negativity cloud our judgment. Let’s take this as a challenge to see life in vibrant colors, because if we do, then we will live life more. We will live happily.

Instead of getting frustrated at how it suddenly rained and now you can’t go outside to meet with your friends, try thinking of other ways to not let your mood go sullen and dark. You can stay indoors and have a group chat with them. Social media is a great help to connect people. Go read a book or practice calligraphy. You can actually do a lot of things if you just try to widen your horizon and adjust your perspective on how things could go.

If you and your friends are really determined to meet, then go grab an umbrella with a smile. Don’t pout and whine, and then mutter profanities under your breath about how nature got in the way and ruin your plans. There are a lot of alternatives—a lot of other ways. Change your perspective and see the many angles of the situation. You’ll find other ways without starting to have bad vibes and spreading it to other people. Again, think positively, and you’ll go through your day happily.


  • How do i see myself?

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People are so interesting and so beautiful, yet they feel like they don’t have any color in their soul. How we see ourselves matters A LOT. Positivity starts within us. What we think, is what we are. If we don’t accept our flaws, we will be living in a state of constant insecurity.

To be honest, I am still trying to overcome my insecurities. I made that choice when I realized how frustrating it is to constantly complain about my physical attributes. It’s so sad to think that I’ve wasted hours, days, even weeks moping around about how ugly and uninteresting I think I am. I’m sick and tired of comparing myself to people who are deemed “perfect” by society.

There is a whole horizon of opportunities in front of me if I just open my eyes and devout my time and energy to more important matters and focus more on the right side of life.

All of us are beautiful, and the society we live in today doesn’t get to decide who we’re going to be in the future. We decide who we’re going to be.

We have a lot of potential in us; we can do more than just trying to look pretty in a messed up society. We need to feel pretty, and we can only achieve that if we see ourselves as someone worth more than anybody’s opinions of us.

Being happy can make us see ourselves as beautiful individuals who are capable of loving and making a change in the world.

We can be happy if we want to be. We can see life in colors if we choose to see them that way. The choice is within us. We have the power to lead our lives how we want them to be.

Let’s say no to the negativity life throws at us, and instead tell our brains to transform them into beautiful, positive thoughts. Yes to positivity, to inspirational and influential, to happiness!


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