My Week In A Post (Week #1)

I’ve decided to make this as an official, constant, weekly thing for my blog.

I’m going to post a summary of what I did during the week in a way to make this little wonderland of mine more personal. This is also a way for me to try and take more nice photos to share and a challenge to live my week as interesting as I can. It’s somehow a great challenge because I’m mostly in school for the whole week– you guys don’t need to hear about the reports I did (ugh) and the “beautiful” walks I always have from classrooms to classrooms. We need more colors in our lives and in the things we read!–BUT, since our semestral break is near and I have a field trip coming up, then this weekly summary of things is a great project or idea to have for my blog 🙂 also because of the fact that I always have a hard time figuring out what to post in here.

My life’s not that interesting yet, but I do enjoy every moment of it. It’s because I always choose to be happy even amidst all stressful situations that being a college student always put me in. Other than that, I have Jesus in the center of my life which contributes a lot to how I see things and the way I live it.

I hope in some ways my week will inspire others in I don’t know, to have a more interesting life than mine?…hahah kidding! That’s not my point for this weekly post. Instead, I want all of us to always treasure the life we have right now and get inspired from it to strive harder to achieve our dream life. I’m still at that stage where I still want to explore and live more–live my life to the fullest, but sadly, I still can’t do that yet because I’m still living in a place that cannot contain my big dreams. (I hope that makes sense!)

Anyway, before I get carried away by off-tangent topics, let’s now do the point of this post.


I started my week feeling really sick. I was constantly coughing and feeling feverish. The weekend before, we had an overnight study session over at my friend’s place. We were finalizing for our Feasibility Study defense report, and the lack of sleep mixed with the moody weather finally had taken a toll on my health. BUMMER.

From the pictures above, my cousin (the one who literally facepalm-ed me in the 2nd pic) had her 12th birthday celebration. Her birthday’s actually the next day, but her parents decided to celebrate it ahead of time because of reasons. We celebrated it at the Ember Restobar of C & L Suites Inn in Dumaguete City.

I honestly love the place because the food are so good and the ambiance make you feel like you’re in Japan with all the cute lighted trees which I seldom call the Cherry Blossoms of Dumaguete. The restaurant is situated at the rooftop of the hotel, hence, the great sky above is also an additional factor in making the place look nice and Instagram-worthy.

The rest of the night was spent with me trying to socialize and ignoring the fact that I was sick. Also, I spent the remaining hours of Monday preparing for our defense for the next day. To say that I was very nervous is an understatement.


The highlight of this day was our Feasibility Study defense! It went okay, but we still have a lot of revisions to do for our final paper. Not much has happened this day except that we had our dinner at a cute Mexican restaurant called Mooon Cafe. It was a way for us to chill for a while and celebrate our achievement. All those stressful nights working on our paper paid off. Yay 🙂


I have no pictures from this day because it wasn’t very interesting. I was busy with my officer duties (completion forms here and there) and I spent most of my time at our Student Kiosk so I could catch up with our required duty hours.


Also no pictures from this day because it wasn’t also an eventful day. However, I remember terribly missing my best friends that day. Being a senior student and being best friends with people from other departments and college is very hard. I haven’t hung out with them for weeks. We don’t communicate every day, and whenever we see each other in campus (which is very rarely) we feel utterly happy but only have a few minutes to celebrate because of other duties and things to do. I miss them so much especially whenever I have bad days or during times when I’m bombarded with responsibilities. I miss their presence,their laughter and basically everything about them. I miss having someone I can freely go to and express my feelings. I miss having them to lean on to when I feel lonely and frustrated with everything. I just miss my best friends in general. 😦


I love this day because it’s FREE-Day. It’s not really a free day because I still have classes, but they were not as mind-draining as they usually were.

My friend–I call him “Granny”– and I decided to take a chill pill for a while. We went to Paseo Perdices where I got to take pictures of him with their art exhibit. It was a cool thing because you can freely grab some crayons and color the canvas. The “City of Gentle People” is the nickname of Dumaguete because the people are nice, very hospitable, and “gentle”. I’m not being biased here, it’s true for I’ve experienced it first hand and I heard people say that. Also, this place and the people here are “slow” in a chill, relaxed manner. It’s sometimes irritating but most of the time calming and well, relaxing.

After that, we went to Bo’s Coffee Dumaguete boulevard branch (my first time there!). I really love the place. The ambiance is cozy and the aroma of coffee is always in the air. It was very relaxing. Their products are expensive, but it’s worth it in the end. I loved my Iced Mocha ❤

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Here’s me taking a picture of a cute mirror inside a comfort room of Ember Restobar haha!

I hope you guys had a great week last week! I encourage everyone to also start having a weekly summary of the things they did for the week so that it can be a visual guide of how you’ve been investing your time. Did you invest it wisely? Had you been doing inspiring things– Doing things to make yourself better? These are just a few of the questions that a weekly summary could answer. It’ll make us rethink what we did for the past week and also give us the challenge to persist on making our next week a greater and more eventful one.

Looking back at what I did last week, I can say that I’m a very boring person (HAHA) that’s why I need to do my very best to change it for the better. I have to invest my time wisely and do things to live more !

I hope I’ll have a better week this week ! I’ll make sure to capture moments from now on 🙂

I wish all of us will someday become better versions of ourselves. I wish all of us would strive for that and would never give up. — My 11:11 wish.


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