Trip to Cebu City

It’s good to be back again! Been away from the blogging world for a few weeks because I had my final examination for the whole first week of October. Thank the heavens I’m done with the first semester of the school year! It was one heck of a stressful sem. I’m also thankful that a week after my exams was our educational field trip to Cebu City, which let me unwind and get disconnected for a bit.

This field trip was for our Economics 56 class which is all about Economic Development. For this subject, our teachers decided to have a field trip to Cebu—a city that is economically progressing hence, a great example of what our subject is all about.

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Morning faces. Arrived at Cebu early in the morning. Can you tell that we didn’t get a goodnight’s sleep?

We departed last October 10, 2016 at around 12a.m. via the Cockaliong Shipping Lines. It took us almost 6 hours to land on the ever-amazing Cebu City. Immediately after that, our travel agency (Natalie Tours) led our itinerary and we went straight through having breakfast at Cebu Business Hotel. Our running tour around Cebu then immediately started afterwards, and by the looks of the city from inside the bus, I could really attest that Cebu is growing, progressing, and becoming more and more developed economically as time goes by. Buildings were being constructed almost everywhere I looked; commercial establishments in every corner, and a huge population going forth with their daily lives. I enjoy the running tour around the city for it gave us the idea of what Cebu-life is all about; it gave us an overview of all its developments and helped us be more knowledgeable of its success.

As a probinsyana (province) girl, I am not really exposed to the complexity of the big city life (in our place we only have one huge mall and few–but growing–commercial establishments), hence, when we toured around Cebu City, I had a mixture of reaction: “WOW” and “I don’t know if I like living in this place.” The traffic was bad.  In our place, we rarely have traffic. Though they have a lot of commercial establishments that I couldn’t keep track of, I still feel like I cannot fathom all of them, and with that I think i’ll be forever in awe– in a good and bad way.

With numerous hotel establishments in Cebu, our travel agency booked us at one of the humble hotels in the city. Wellcome Hotel was a nice and accommodating place to stay in. Its location was great because it was also near the Ayala Mall so it was very convenient for us stroll the night away there. Other than that, the place was amazing and the staffs there were very hospitable.

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The main bed
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I love their cr! Feelin’ very accommodated
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Good morning

Later on the first day, we had a company presentation of South Road Properties to give us a background on its developments and on how Cebu City was a great place to invest in.

Our trip was composed of a lot of running tours around the city. Our tour guide was helpful in explaining to us the economic development of Cebu. We toured through their downtown area where trading takes place, their uptown area which consist mostly of American influences such as schools and other educational establishments, and lastly to their Middletown area. Aside from the running tour, we were also given a lot of chance to go malling since Cebu is known for having a lot of malls including the newly opened, SM Seaside Cebu.

Another main component of our trip was devouring a lot of food, which was okay since we needed sustenance to help us go through the busy day of touring.

Truth be told, the buffet meals weren’t worth it. I honestly rather wanted to devour McDonald’s or any other fast food dish than those that were served to us.

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The bus life
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Hey it’s Me @ Pedro Calungsod Chapel
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Breakfast with the roomies @ Ding Qua Qua Restaurant (i recommend this place!)

My most awaited part of the tour were during the times when we go back to our hotel and call it a day, because it indicates our chance to do whatever we want at night. Since I have friends living in Cebu, for the two nights we stayed there, we met up and they let me experience a little what Cebu-living is really about. I get to experience crossing a busy street, walking under the rain to go to Ayala Mall, to line up while waiting for a jeep or call a taxi at night, and of course to come “home” way past my curfew. It was a whole new experience for me, and It may sound a little bit petty, but for a person who lives in a small town with strict parents, those really mean quite a lot. It was good seeing my old friends and catching up with them. I missed them so much, and them allotting some time to fit me in their busy schedule meant a lot to me also.

Suffice it to say, spending time with them was a great factor in making me appreciate the fullest my Cebu field trip.

I missed starbucks! Sucks not to have starbucks in our place. But ohwell 🙂
Glad to see my amigos ❤
always a good time with these people

Moving on to the next day, we visited the famous IT Park where all IT-related establishments are located such as BPO companies and the like. We then visited Qualfon and had the privilege of touring their offices. Visiting a multi-national company was a great thing and it really struck to us how our country is developing, and how Cebu is one of the few places in the Philippines that is developing fast to cater business and investment opportunities. Our last stop for that day was the Ayala Mall, which we were presented with an overview of its operations and status. After the short talk, we were then given the chance to tour the huge mall.

On the last day of our trip, we bid farewell to our hotel room that had been home to us for 2 nights. With our bags fully packed, we continued our tour to Mactan New Town and Jpark Island Resort and Waterpark. These places that we visited had me wishing to study hard so I can have a decent, well-earning job so I can live in there. It’s indeed one of my wildest dreams, but the future is vague and we don’t know what to expect, so i’ll continue dreaming big.

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Mactan NewTown

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Hello again JPark!
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Lovely Jpark

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JPark Waterpark! I wanted to go swimming. They have amazing pools.

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Overall, this fieldtrip was an avenue to learn and experience (hands-on) what an economically developed/developing place is. It had shown me a lot of opportunities, both work and investing opportunities. This fieldtrip was my last one since I am a graduating student, and I am glad that I decided to join this one for it had added a lot of experiences on my part.

Knowledge of what’s possible in the new world, and experience of how to attain and survive in it are two of the most important things that I garnered during this educational fieldtrip to Cebu. Suffice it to say, I have high hopes that our country—maybe a lot of years from now—will be economically developed both in investing/business aspect and in the quality of life the people in the Philippines are living.

More random pics from the trip

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cool ceiling



I enjoyed my stay in the big city, but now I’m much happier that I’m back home in my province. I love the peaceful life here ❤

The probinsyana life of a probinsyana girl


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