Hi!—A life and blog update

Hi! Hello! Hola! Annyeong!

Wow. It has been quite a while since I updated this little online space of mine! I missed this, and I’m so happy to be back and to let my creative juices flow again. I’m excited to be able to communicate once again with readers and other bloggers about things that I’m passionate about. I can’t wait to express in this little corner my thoughts and experiences for everyone to read, and for me to have this as my keepsake or like my box of memories.

A LOT has happened for the past few months, and I am overwhelmed of the handful of changes that has happened. I learned a lot—and still learning—of things from experiences and from the people around me. I’ve survived some of life’s major milestones, achieved some of my goals as a product of hard work, and crushed some things off my “mental” bucket list.

Here are three of the things that I am talking about:


All of those sleepless nights, endless hard work, bombardment of responsibilities and academic requirements, numerous emotional turmoils, and a lot, lot more—WAS REALLY WORTH IT!

Until now, it still overwhelms me every time I think about how I spent most of my life in school; how I’m so used to being a student, how I’m already so accustomed to that life–and now, now it’s over. I finally finished school. I am not going to be able to use our university wi-fi anymore.

I realized that I’m not going to see my friends and classmates as often as I’d like. I’m not anymore going to hang-out with them on campus, text them where we’d take our lunch, call them when they’re running late and the professor is already checking the attendance. I realized that there are a lot of things that I’m going to miss about that student life. A lot of people to be exact.

However, most of all, I am happy and proud of myself for surviving school. I finally finished that phase of my life, and whether or not I’m still going to pursue a masters or another degree, I am still happy and satisfied that all the hardships I underwent paid off. I finally have a degree! I finished school!! That sounds so satisfying!





For the course of my whole blog break, my cousins and I traveled to Siquijor Island, Manjuyod, Oslob, Kawasan Falls, and other small towns and destinations in between. I can fairly say that I’m lucky and that I’m forever grateful of my family especially my cousins for setting on out an adventure for us to unwind from the daily hassle of life.

Since I’m the only one in the group who was still a student/not earning, I was in for the adventure peso-less because each of them financed the different set of vacations. Suffice it to say, being the baby of the group and being a student have a lot of perks! And now I realize that I’m not a “baby” and a student anymore. SAD.

We visited local destinations and I loved every single place because each place let me embrace my probinsyana self. I love being with nature. I love swimming in the sea and as well as hiking with trees around me. I love the local life in the Philippines. Nature welcomes you home here in our place.




I cannot believe I am officially an adult! I have a BIR TIN for goodness sake!

I’m going to be paying taxes now, finance my own expenses, help in paying the bills, and be basically present at one setting for more or less eight hours for five days a week! I am honestly still coughing from the huge wave of realization and of life’s events that smacked me straight on the face.

The word “work” still tastes foreign in my mouth. At first I shudder whenever I say that word, and before, I sometimes just refer it as class, like, I’m going to class (i mean work) or I have a class tomorrow. It’s just all so new! It’s like enrolling in a different school, but this time with pay and no homework. Well, that’s the bright side of it. It still feels so unreal, but I am happy and excited at the same time.

Wow, I’m still quite adjusting to this new stage of life, and though the future still looks hazy, I am willing to continue swimming until I’m in a much better place or state. Slowly but surely. I just have to always remember that hard work pays off– already proven and tested.

While I’m not yet quite drained of all the finance duties I’m tasked with, I’m going to be cuddling and nurturing this blog of mine! Everything is still a work in progress. I have a lot of plans for this blog (or maybe for another blog) and I’m excited and hopeful that everything will turn out fine eventually.

Catch you next time in this blog of mine! 🙂



Lots of love from your friendly probinsyana,



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