Let’s throw it back to 4th – 6th grade (2006-2008) also known as the HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL era.

You heard it right. I was –and still is—obsessed with HSM. I worship that movie/series. I used to know all their songs, dance moves, and even lines! I have replayed HSM 1 countless of times. I am serious! I used  to watch it twice a day, every day, even on school days!

When I was in 4th grade, I can still vividly remember how two of my friends and I, often went to the side aisle of our classroom and performed a high school musical dance number. We used to do that on afternoons when classes were almost done and when our teacher would only give us petty tasks. At first our other classmates were quite intrigued by us, practicing the dance moves, but eventually—days, weeks after—they didn’t mind us anymore because they were already used to our weird habit of dancing  and singing HSM spontaneously in unlikely situations. Even our teachers!  I used to lead our group, and suffice it to say, I was the self-appointed president of the High School Musical fan club. Ha-ha!

Whenever there were school performances, my friends and I would always volunteer or we would always be appointed by the teachers to do an intermission number, and we would practice all afternoon for our chosen High School Musical song. We couldn’t say no!

This era also marked the spark and the awakening of my fangirl self. Aside from fangirling over the movie, I had also devoted time and effort into fangirling over my first ONE TRUE PAIR: Zac and Vanessa. #ZanessaForever.

I was obsessed with them! Back in 2006-2008 when computers and the internet were still not popular, I always go to internet cafes and Google Zac and Vanessa. I read every article that showed up, trying to learn something new about them and to try to look for proofs or confirmation that they were indeed dating in real life. I really wanted them to be official, because I believed in the movie. They were a couple in the movie, so they must be a couple in real life too, right? That was what I was trying to prove. I was desperate for answers, especially when my mom told me just recently before HSM era that the characters in the drama shown on TV were not really dead in real life. (She told me this because I was confused how come the character from a drama I had watched was interviewed in another show! My young, naïve self was conflicted on how that was possible.)

Aside from reading articles, I also took pictures of them from my 6630 Nokia phone (It’s still alive, btw). I would open an image on Google and take a hazy picture of it on my phone and have it developed so I could sell them to my friends at 6 pesos each. (I am laughing and face-palming myself as I’m writing this HAHAHA). Though they were hazy pictures, my friends still bought them because they were equally obsessed over my favorite celebrities.





this album is almost filled with unsold pictures. Had this since time immemorial! hahah

To further prove how I was so immaturely devoted to HSM, every Saturday or Sunday night, Disney Channel would play an original movie and it would usually be an HSM movie. They would air it at exactly 7:30 in the evening and I would anticipate it the whole day.

I remember there were multiple times that blackouts in our place happen during that time. I remember crying out loud in frustration and anger for I will be missing my favorite movie. I remember screaming and being mad at our provincial power company for scheduling a blackout. I remember how my family was laughing at me over my tantrum. I remember being intensely furious, I swear, I looked like a deranged little girl.

That is how I loved High School Musical back then. And looking back at those memories right now, makes me genuinely laugh out loud. But what can I do? The past is past, and I cannot undo anything. I don’t regret it though, as a kid, we don’t have inhibitions when we love something– and I think that’s reckless and scary, but beautiful.

I had collected a lot of High School Musical magazines, CDs/DVDs, and other HSM-related materials. I had a lot of posters of Zac in my room! HAHAH and I still have some smaller posters of the girls inside my cabinets. Moreover, I am even still using my HSM pillow up to this day– I cannot sleep without it.

Here is a picture of some of my collections that I have saved/kept. 🙂


I know I’m not the only one who has weird obsessions over something! Haha, feel free to share them below. Don’t conceal, just feel. Let the world know about them 🙂


Lots of love from your friendly probinsyana,



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