An Adult for a Day

Let me tell you a little bit about the province I’m from: Negros Oriental.

Located at Central Visayas, Negros Oriental sits at the right side of the Negros Island Region, floating peacefully side by side by her sister province, Negros Occidental. Life in Negros Oriental, specifically in its capital city, Dumaguete is as gentle and peaceful (not to mention, slow) as you can imagine it to be. It wasn’t dubbed as The Best City for Retirement for no reason!

Dumaguete City is a growing city in the province– no doubt on that. Numerous commercial establishments are surprisingly popping up like mushrooms everywhere within the area, and our most common public transportation, the pedicabs, are multiplying and dominating our small roads. Before, the city isn’t prone to traffic and cars can maneuver hassle-free through the city. Now, however, we are beginning to experience traffic, which just proves that Dumaguete is really growing! (but the traffic is really frustrating!)

We still don’t have Starbucks and FullyBook here, so I’m still not impressed. Well, basically SM and Ayala.

Compared to the big cities like Manila, Cebu, Davao, and etc., Dumaguete is like a small pinky. This is why the big cities scare me– and especially my parents–but excites me as well. When the other day my work required me to get some documents from SEC Cebu, I was GIDDY! Though the big cities give me anxieties, they also give me that calling– that desire to experience and explore what they’re like. To be away from the familiarity of home…

The thought of travelling to Cebu alone for a day made me super excited that I get to experience what it’s like to be independent– or basically, be an adult– even just for a day. It was crazy! I’ve never been to Cebu ALONE. My parents wouldn’t allow me! Haha. They’re so paranoid of what would happen to me if I go there alone. They’d immediately go:

“What will you do there?” “Do you even know how Cebu works?” “Lots of crime there.” “You’re out of your mind.” “You can just explore our own city.” “No.”

But for some miracle (and because it’s required for work) they agreed on that fateful night that I’d go to Cebu! YOU GUYS HAVE NO IDEA HOW I MENTALLY AND EMOTIONALLY REJOICED OVER THEIR APPROVAL. But of course, I was still given the lengthy tips and caution on what to do there, most importantly the GET THE TAXI NUMBER part.

Travelling alone to Cebu felt so liberating. I was ready to face the challenges that await me and I was more than excited to experience being alone, making my own choices, deciding for myself, and overcoming my social anxiety. We rarely have taxis in Dumaguete, so when I tried to connect to my internet data on my TM sim to get Grab, I was frustrated because I COULDN’T CONNECT. What a waste of 50 pesos! So, I had to do what I had to do, I rode a taxi.

It was fine, thank the heavens! I was fortunate enough that the driver was friendly. I’ve heard many  stories about taxi crimes, plus my parents paranoia over them, that was why I was so calm on the outside but praying intently on the inside while I was riding one. When I got to SEC, it was their lunch break so I had no choice but to take my lunch as well. I didn’t know the place, there were no places to eat that could issue me a receipt. I didn’t want to travel to another mall because of the aforementioned taxi anxieties. I still couldn’t connect to Google Maps. Leaving me with no choice, I abandoned the help of technology and crossed the street to look for places to eat. Thankfully, I saw the Jollibee sign about half a mile from where I was. It was like an epiphany, a new discovery! I was so happy I’d have a place to stay to wait until 1pm. I went there and pretended I’m a local. I’ve always had eating-alone-in-public-places anxiety, but I’m overcoming them step-by-step and eating at Jollibee Guadalupe that time was one of them.

Moving forward, it was indeed a day of being an adult. It felt so nice to be independent and for overcoming my fears! I’m slowly trying to become a better person, by battling my anxieties everyday. I’m still trying to do things outside of my comfort zone, because I realized that’s the only place I can truly experience LIFE– my life.

We just have to always remember that “everything you (we) want is on the other side of fear.” – Will Smith.


If you guys want to travel to Cebu as well for just a day, the following was my schedule:

7am – Sibulan Fast Craft to Liloan, Cebu  – P62.00

7:30am- 12:00pm – Liloan to South Bus Terminal, Cebu (4-5hours) – P200.00

3pm- 7:30pm – South Bus Terminal, Cebu to Bato – P215.00

8pm-8:30pm – Bato to Tampi – P70.00

8:30-9:-00pm – Tampi to Dumaguete Ceres Terminal – P20.00

Total: P 567.00



Lots of love from your friendly probinsyana,



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