Ten Beautiful Bisaya Words

Of all the seven thousand plus islands in the Philippines, I am fortunately born in a modest province situated at the Visayas region, specifically at Central Visayas.

I grew up having Visaya or Bisaya as my native language, and at first I thought the whole world speak of the same language– because, why not?–but fortunately I quickly realized that it’s not the case, especially when the Philippines, my own country, has a lot of dialects– a hundred plus, even!– and we can’t even understand each other without using our national language to bind us. It was a little bit crazy for my little brain to fathom that before, so I just let it be; I went with the flow. I learned how to speak in Filipino and English so I could communicate with the rest of my fellowmen and the rest of the world.

It’s pretty great, but I will be forever in love and amazed by our own dialect because it’s just so diverse and unique. I honestly won’t mind teaching it to other people and just spreading it to the world, like spreading good vibes.

Now a lot of people have been curious about our language/dialect, especially the tourists that often flock our neighborhood. It’s already the norm for us locals to adjust for them, and try hard to speak in English to accommodate them. Well, Filipinos are very accommodating in general, I observed. However, I think tourists should also do their own part, do their individual research about the places they’ll visit so they can communicate well with the locals, and even, impress them by their initiative to use the local language.

The chart below is specifically not for tour/vacation list of words to remember (tho i think I should make one in the future…hmmm)Β  Β but it’s a list of random, beautiful words from my own Bisaya dialect. The list only contains ten words, and it’s not totally in order because I just placed them randomly since we pertain to the meaning or essence of things in different degrees. There are still A LOT of beautiful words out there that I didn’t give justice to yet by this post, but I hope I can share them with you next time.

These words may not be important in your life yet but there’s no harm in adding ten new foreign words to your wide range of vocabulary πŸ™‚




PS: I don’t know why, but it’s weird how from time to time I wonder how in the world we humans could speak a certain language and understand them. Like, wow I’m amazed at how our brains work. Whenever I’m talking to someone, I always have this thought at the back of my mind, and I’m sometimes distracted by it. So, sorry if we’re talking in person and I slip away from reality in a split second, now you know why.


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