Life Update and The Self-Improvement Plan

Frustration is literally the worst emotion ever. And as much as I would like to say that I’ve dealt with being frustrated and overcame it totally, I cannot. I’d be lying if I would. Because the thing is, I’m still dealing with it– every single day. On the bright side however, is that I’m overcoming it — every single day as well.

The past few months after graduation had been nothing but an emotional turmoil: starting a career, adjusting to the workplace, questioning my decisions, etc. — basically the normal uncertain feelings every fresh grad feels. It even got worse when my family wanted me to pursue a Master’s degree right away– and at the last minute of enrollment! It was frustrating, to say the least!

I was stuck in further pursuing my studies or continuing my work (my classes have a fixed schedule during weekdays, so I cannot be flexible anymore in my work and can’t render OT during busy times). Well, I was left with no choice but to choose the former. I’ve convinced myself that this is for the better. And as much as it saddens me to leave my first job, I have to. Hence, I’m currently unemployed right now — and enjoying it a little bit since I didn’t get the chance to relax after graduating because I started working right away. So I guess I deserved this rest? But, only for a while of course, because I need to start thinking about my future! Wow, that sounded so adult.

I’m currently trying to find some online jobs– so if you know one, hit me up! 🙂

Anyway, while I was in that emotional turmoil, I still try to see some sunshine and positivity out of the situations I was in. And so, I made a rough draft of my so-called “The Self-Improvement Plan” on my go-to Jotterpad, and basically listed the things that I want to do and achieve in my life or in a span of a year.

Achieving these goals may be wishful thinking, but I will try my best to do them so I can become a better me. And of course, try to get my life sorted out, because right now, honestly, I feel so LOST.

Moving on, in no particular order, this is the list of things I want to accomplish a.k.a. Maffet’s The Self-Improvement Plan.

  • THANK GOD AT ALL TIMES – everyday we are blessed with things we don’t even deserve. No matter what situation we currently are in our lives, may it be good or bad, thank our Heavenly Father at all times, and do pray for forgiveness as well. God is love, and I believe we are nothing without Him.
  • Have a good and consistent skin care routine – i currently have a simple skin care routine. Haha. I only (hastily) put two to three products on my face every night, and only a moisturizer in the morning. I am that lazy.
  • Workout! Live healthily; eat more fruits – this is something I am so not consistent with! I really need to start working out more and living healthy! I got to lose weight!
  • Learn at least two foreign language (Korean & Spanish) – annyeong haseyo! jeonun Maffet imnida. jeonun Pilipineso watseoyo. jeonun Pilipin saramiyeyo. Mannaseo Bangawoyo. I really want to learn Korean so I can watch K-drama without the hassle of diverting my attention from the cuties on-screen to the subtitles at the bottom! Also, Spanish is essential as well, so I’d love to learn it. I’d love to to be able to sing Despacito as well, Haha.
  • Learn how to cook! Yummm! Bake; make desserts! – this is going to be a challenge because I’m definitely not good at cooking and I haven’t legit tried baking something yet.
  • Improve writing. Read more books! Write articles, short stories, blog posts, novel, etc. AND MAKE SURE TO FINISH THEM – ’nuff said.
  • Keep blogging! – I.SHOULD!! Hence, I will be more active than ever in this blog.
  • Learn crochet or knitting – this is something that I really would love to do, because I can sell my products and earn some kachings along the way. I know the basic of crocheting, but still far from reality. this will be a difficult challenge as well because I’m not the most patient person i know. Haha. Well, wish me luck!
  • Try DIYs! – i really want to be a creative person, and for that i’d like to try some DIYs and see how it goes. I want to try tie-dye in the future, because I just love colors and combining them so much!
  • Continue learning about stock trading – i’m a CFMP, but i only know the basic; so i really would like to learn more about stocks, investments, mutual funds, etc. and if i have some extra cash, maybe i could start investing or trading. I still have a long way to go, so let’s just see how this goes.
  • Continue learning the piano/violin – these are the two instruments that I started learning during high school and stopped learning after high school as well. I haven’t touched my violin since 2014. 😦
  • Learn how to play the guitar – i need to buy one first!
  • Try to improve vocals – i loooove singing, but don’t have a nice voice! Haha! I really want to sound good to my ears, so I guess I have to watch a lot of Youtube videos for this.
  • Try to learn web designing – hmmm. I already forgot how to code.
  • VOLUNTEER!! – YES PLEASE! I really want to organize events and being involved.
  • Improve photography skills. Learn to see things in better angles – i don’t have a fancy camera, so i’ve got to make use of what i have: my mobile phone. I also don’t live in a place where everywhere is scenic, so i’ve got to make the ordinary things look beautiful. So i guess, I really have to say YES to seeing things beautifully!
  • Listen to more music– different genres. – i need to start having more varied taste in music, and discover new or old songs that have MEANING. i need to switch to other lanes to discover more beautiful songs outside of the genre I’m so used to.
  • Write songs – it’s easy to write words, but giving them an original tune is hard, especially that I don’t play any instrument. But on the bright side, one of my songs before was used by our group in Music class, and we just tapped our musically-inclined friends to help us produce it, and it worked! It takes a little bit more effort to do this, but it’s proven possible.
  • Learn social media marketing – i have to make use of my time scrolling through feeds and monetize it!
  • Take better good care of plants/succulents! – i don’t have a green thumb– hence, why my succulent in the featured pic looked a little unhealthy (it sprouted a baby succulent tho! I was so happy when i saw it!). I still need to read a lot of articles on how to take good care of them!
  • ENJOY !! There is something more to this provincial life! Discover! – I love being a probinsyana and I know there is a lot in our province that I haven’t yet discovered or explored. That’s why I need to step out of my comfort zone and say yes to adventure– I need to live more, because lately, I’ve noticed that I’m not.


So that’s it! That’s my self-improvement plan, and it is still subject to changes Haha! I could be adding a lot more after I post this, who knows. I just have to make sure and have to discipline myself to atleast achieve 60 percent of it by the end of the year or after a year from this post. Can i do that? Am I up to the challenge? well, i guess so! Let’s see how my life will work out and if I’m still “lost” at the end of the year or a year after this. I also have to stop making excuses not to try something new, and just go try them without inhibitions. *JUST DO IT!!!!- Shia Labeouf*

I encourage you guys to have your own Self-Improvement Plan/List and If you already have, continue to pursue it and always remember not to make any excuses that can hinder you to achieve your goals.

Share your list/plan in the comments section below or tag me in your post so we can help each other out in making sure that we’re working on our list so we can be a better version of ourselves!


Lots of love from your friendly probinsyana,



3 thoughts on “Life Update and The Self-Improvement Plan

  1. Let me start off by saying I love this plan and everything it stands for!! I’m huge about personal development and I’m always figuring out new ways to improve myself and a lot of the things you plan to do are some of the things I’ve been working on too. One of the things you mentioned that you wanted to learn was two foreign languages and that just gave me the extra motivation to finally learn my language (Spanish)!! I’m looking forward to starting 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Yes, i believe that we really should invest in ourselves first before everything else. And i hope– really hope– that im able to achieve everything on this list! Haha. Hope you’ll achieve everything on your list as well! Cheers, girl! 😊
      Any tips on how to learn Spanish better? Im just watching youtube vids and learning from duolingo 😂


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