Motivational Monday | Be Your Own Anchor

If you think you’ve already heard that line before, and can’t recall from where, I’m here to tell you that it’s from TEEN WOLF!

I was obsessed with that show, but sad to say, not anymore since it has became a little crappy. They wrote off Kira– and i’m still bitter about it.

Now, I’m not here to talk about that show– because it’ll just break my heart– instead, I’m here to borrow that one line that stuck with me through the years: “Be Your Own Anchor” and share it with you guys to inspire you as well.

That line doesn’t mean that you should be alone and totally forget about having a support system– because no man is an island, and we need to have our family and friends for emotional, physiological, spiritual, and all sorts of support! Instead, that line is there to remind us that we should stand for ourselves and be our own anchors amidst the problems, obstacles, and adversaries that life throws at our faces. 

Being empowered starts within ourselves, and being our own anchors  is a way of self-empowerment and self-improvement. It actually takes a lot of effort to being our own anchors and to believing in ourselves. But i’m here to tell you that Scott McCall fought the urge of becoming a vicious, aggressive werewolf during a full moon, and without anyone in his life anymore to be the “anchor” for him to stay human, HE BECAME HIS OWN ANCHOR. And from that I know and am confident that we can do it too! We can fight whatever that “urge” is and stay rooted to whatever/whoever we are. We can be our own Scott McCall. (and special thanks to Mama McCall for that wonderful, wonderful line).

Becoming our own anchors gives us the power, the foundation to keep on standing firm amidst every challenges. Because if we do not have that strong foundation in ourselves and in our lives, we cannot stand for anything, and we will eventually fall for almost everything that easily.

Go out there and welcome the new week with a bright smile and a happy soul filled with hope and belief. And know that you can handle everything this week has got planned for you…because you know you are your own anchor.




Lots of love from your friendly probinsyana,



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