Pinoy Snacks/Merienda

Filipinos are fond of family gatherings, may it be small or intimate gathering of immediate family members or may it be big and “nationwide” such as reunions or fiestas. Filipinos are really fond of socializing and being with their own kin!

Now, Sunday is usually coined in the country as “Family Day” because it is basically the only time of the week that families can get together. Beaches and resorts during Sundays are jam packed with family reunions and mini get-together’s. Families flock the malls, and restaurants are overflowing with customers– Filipinos love to go out by groups and eat with their families.

Some families enjoy staying at home and having people over to catch up, eat, and basically just to relax. Filipinos are dubbed to be very accommodating, that’s why when there are people coming over, the family hosting would make sure that their visitors will never go hungry. Hence, merienda will be served topped with genuine hospitality and endless catching-up questions, such as “How are you?” “How’s school/work?” “How’s your mother/father/brother/sister/grandma/grandpa/dog/fish/cow?” “Do you already have a boyfriend/girlfriend?” “Remember, studies first!”

You will surely won’t go hungry when you go to your relatives’ houses or when they come over to your place! You’ll be busog by their queries.

So last Sunday, we went over to my aunt and uncle’s place where the rest of the family had also gathered to spend the lazy Sunday. Now, Filipinos love to sing, by the way. So if we gather, a little karaoke would be somehow mandatory. So that’s basically what we did last Sunday; we enjoyed the afternoon over karaoke and pinoy snacks.

We bought these turon and banana cues (respectively in the pic below) at the local market or at the tiangge/merkado. These are usually the common pinoy snacks that are easily and readily available in our small town.

The turon or deep-fried crisp banana fritter, costs at P4.00 each, and the banana cue at P10.00 each. We just spent around 2 dollars for these babies.


Pinoy merienda is also not complete without ICE CREAM and COKE (not seen here). Honestly, these two are always present in any type of pinoy gathering– especially, the coke. It is not a merienda without it. CRAZY!! but, I somehow agree nonetheless. Well, as what they always say, Coke adds happiness to all sorts of events. Their “Open Happiness” and “Taste the Feeling” campaigns are hella working among Filipinos.



Cookies and Cream is my favorite! Oh, and talk about color coordination in this pic!

For more information on how to make these banana delicacies, here are some resources I found online that will be helpful if you guys plan to try them out.

Turon / Turon ng Saging

Banana Cue

So that’s it! Now you’ve got a “taste” of a truly Pinoy Merienda. 🙂 If you visit the PH, be sure to try them out– you have to!


Alrighty, see you next time on




Lots of love from your friendly probinsyana, 




8 thoughts on “Pinoy Snacks/Merienda

  1. Nakaka good vibes naman. Happy ako nabasa ko to, I’m personally fond of our own cuisine walang makakatalo dyan. Sobra akong na-amaze sa writing style mo plus the precision ng points mo! idol 🙂

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