A Day in Siquijor

Now that it is good bye vacation time here in the Philippines, I cannot help but reminisce those happy times when I had a good break with my family.

Let’s throw it back to the last week of 2016, when my cousins and I went on a vacation spree in just a matter of a few days. In one of the spree, we went to the “Mystic Island” of the Philippines: Siquijor Island.

I remember being very excited to visit the island that used to be a scary place to me when I was a kid. I was fed with ample information about what sort of activities they have in that island, and what sort of “mystical” creatures lurk there.

The island was famous for the rumored various folk magics they have, such as, spells, kulam, potions, and other black magic. When I was a kid, I remember my cousin telling me that if I visit Siquijor, I should have a sili or chili pepper inside my pocket to warn myself if someone’s using a black magic on me. If it pops, I’ll know what is happening.

I have no idea if that was legit true. Haha. You can accidentally pop the chili yourself! But I told myself then that I would do it if ever I’ll step foot on the island.

However, I never did that. Haha. I know better now. Siquijor is a fantastic island, and it is today known for its various beautiful natural resources– and its amazing white sand!

When we went to Siquijor, we already have friends there whom we convinced to tour us around, so we could save some kachings. We toured the island in less than six hours! (and you can too!)

After eating our lunch, our first stop was the famous Salagdoong Beach Resort just to go cliff diving.

It was scary! But I was determined to try it out– I really wanted to face my fears and I didn’t want to miss out on exciting things like jumping from a 30-40-ish ft cliff.


I was very hesitant at first, but determined as well. I just remembered thinking, “Oh, fuck this,” and timidly jumped from the diving ledge before I could change my mind.

My butt hurt a little because I’m not good at jumping off a cliff! Haha, but it was truly an unforgettable experience, and I’m so happy I got to try it.

We are scared of a lot of things, and that’s okay! But don’t let that be the reason for you not to experience life excitingly and for what it really is. Don’t let it hinder you from trying something so out of your comfort zone! Gulp down the fear, and even a second of bravery can go a long way– so grab it!

After we went cliff diving, we moved right away to our next destination: Kawasan Falls.

Going to Kawasan Falls was an exercise. We had to go down a hundred of steps before we reach the majestic falls.


Here we did more jumping and swimming. It was amazing! The cool water was so soothing and the waterfalls were so relaxing.  Being one with nature never felt that good. It was one of those things that made me so grateful I live in a country blessed with the beauty and abundance of Mother Nature.

Our next stop was the Century Old Balete tree, which my cousins tried the fish spa. (I didn’t try it because I had a cut on my toe (just me being clumsy!).


The tree was creepy and beautiful at the same time.


There was a kiosk that sold local goods, souvenirs, and even potions!


Update: I got a love potion from this island as a raffle prize Haha! I don’t know what to do with it. I don’t know how to use it– not like, I want to use it…he-he-he hmmm.

For our last stop we went to a beautiful white-sand beach  to take some nice photos to end our day. We were running a little late, but thankfully we were able to get decent photos and catch the last ferry trip back to Dumaguete.





I strongly recommend Siquijor as another great getaway place here in the Philippines. I’d also advice you guys to go to the island as early in the morning as you can to experience the island life fully if you only have a day to visit it.


Anyway, have a great Wednesday ahead! Sending you love potions from Siquijor :*


Lots of love from your friendly probinsyana,



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