Catching Up with Friends

It’s always a good time when you hang out with your best friends! Nothing beats a good quality time with them after you’ve never seen them for quite a while.

Though Dumaguete is only a small place, my friends and I rarely get to hang because we have different schedules. It sucks, but it’s also good in a way that we really value the time when we get to hang out with each other even if it’s only once or twice a month. It shows that even if we have totally busy schedules, we still make time for those people who matter to us.

There are also times when you don’t have to plan anything ahead. Sometimes, life has a funny and brilliant way to let us meet our friends and on-the spot make some arrangements or automatically just hang out with them. Spontaneity is the best! (well, most of the time!) This is what happened with my friends and I the other week. There was no plan. We just met coincidentally, and realized we had some spare time to grab some snacks and hang out with each other.

It was good catching up with them. Sharing stories, laughing wholeheartedly at individual shenanigans, and basically just chilling–being with them. No man is really an island! And no matter how anti-social I sometimes get, I feel genuinely happy and alive when I’m with people whom I’m comfortable with.



Anyway, so we went to C&L Bayview Inn in Dumaguete City, and we had a good time at their rooftop restaurant and bar. If you want to see Dumaguete in a new perspective, get up that hotel. Their rooftop lets you see the whole city (well, maybe, most of it).


This panorama shot is so bad! I swear, i can do better than this
hello provincial life :/
lovin the sea breeze from up here
just ordered a few sweets. being with them is enough!
looks yummy, but not really. Gave it a 7/10 hmmm.


This is just a short post about how inserting in your already busy schedule some quality time with your friends, special someone, family, or relatives can help make you feel better– as if a little weight is lifted off your shoulders. We all need a breather; a pause from life. So I hope you’ll call those people who are dear to you ย and just plan for something! A mini get-together or perhaps just a simple lunch out or dinner out with them.

It would really make a difference– no matter how small or big!


Have a lovely Friday, guys! And hoping your weekend will be as lovely as well! ๐Ÿ™‚


Lots of love from your friendly probinsyana,ย 



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