How to be an Adult? Musings of a fresh-grad

When I was ten years old, I remember whining to my parents about how I am already capable of commuting alone, crossing the street without them holding my hand or watching over me from across, strolling the city by myself, and basically, being an adult already. Because reaching the two-digit age is practically the same as reaching … Continue reading How to be an Adult? Musings of a fresh-grad


A Little Bit of Potter-talk Post

Hello, hello! Time flew so fast, the next thing I know it's September already. (What!). I swear, I just blinked for a couple of times, and here we are now, almost done with the second week of the month. Magic. Or maybe I just lost track of time. But let's go with magic. I haven't been … Continue reading A Little Bit of Potter-talk Post

8 Tips on How to Juggle Academic and Extra-curricular Activities

I’d like to go back to a post that I made last year, wherein I stated what happened during my MIA and how I had thought that I would never survive from it. Last year, during my senior year in college, I was the president of an active academic organization in our university. In all … Continue reading 8 Tips on How to Juggle Academic and Extra-curricular Activities

20 Inspiring Quotes to Live By

Back in my undergrad years, I was an officer of our academic organization under the Management course. We had this activity where we posted inspirational quotes to every classroom (even CRs) in our building, and we did this in a way to help our fellow students to remember why they started this and that, and … Continue reading 20 Inspiring Quotes to Live By

A World of Childlike Dreams

Food Friday post came a little late because of some dreadful net connection problems (and not because I was lazy and not following my schedule). But let’s not go into detail on that because it was frustrating and I’m dealing with enough of that feeling right now. Hehe. Anyway, moving on to the point of … Continue reading A World of Childlike Dreams

When In Apo Island

Hey What's Up? I guess it's okay to start this post with that because today is, after all, WHAT'S UP WEDNESDAY!! So what's up, guys? How's this new week going? I hope it's swell and will continue to be so until the weekend. So, just recently, a couple of friends and I were reminiscing about … Continue reading When In Apo Island

Respecting Other People’s Time

In the Philippines, we have this so-called “Filipino Time.” It is when someone arrives way past the scheduled time. Fifteen, thirty, forty minutes late. Or when someone texts you “I’m coming” but in reality that person is still about to take a bath. Or when they say, “Getting ready!” but really, they have just woken … Continue reading Respecting Other People’s Time

Life Update and The Self-Improvement Plan

Frustration is literally the worst emotion ever. And as much as I would like to say that I've dealt with being frustrated and overcame it totally, I cannot. I'd be lying if I would. Because the thing is, I'm still dealing with it-- every single day. On the bright side however, is that I'm overcoming it … Continue reading Life Update and The Self-Improvement Plan

Ten Beautiful Bisaya Words

Of all the seven thousand plus islands in the Philippines, I am fortunately born in a modest province situated at the Visayas region, specifically at Central Visayas. I grew up having Visaya or Bisaya as my native language, and at first I thought the whole world speak of the same language-- because, why not?--but fortunately … Continue reading Ten Beautiful Bisaya Words

Hi!—A life and blog update

Hi! Hello! Hola! Annyeong! Wow. It has been quite a while since I updated this little online space of mine! I missed this, and I’m so happy to be back and to let my creative juices flow again. I’m excited to be able to communicate once again with readers and other bloggers about things that … Continue reading Hi!—A life and blog update