Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetThe Blogger:

Behind this blog is a twenty year old girl named Maffet who likes to laugh out loud and make corny jokes. She has a degree in Business Administration Major in Management, and is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree or MBA. She loves listening to music (replays a song for about twenty times and still never gets tired of it), reading books, laughing by herself while watching random Youtube videos, contemplating about life, and getting emotional over sad quotes.

The Blog:

Maff’s Notebook –  This is going to be a sort-of online diary for her to express her thoughts and ideas about certain things. She might post about her mini escapades, daily life shenanigans, stuffs about her hometown, and, basically, whatever floats her boat! As of mid-July 2017, this is her blogging schedule.

Oh! Maffet– She got it from the expression “Oh Well.” Her life’s basically composed of a lot of Oh well’s and instead of being so frustrated about it, she lives up to that expression and makes the most of it. She falls– Oh well, she’s going to stand up and continue. She fails-Oh well, she’s going to wipe the tears and try again. She’s frightened– Oh well, life’s like that; she’s going to calm herself, gulp down the anxieties, and move on with life as a better person. Oh! Maffet is the title she would give to her life. It is equivalent to her motto: No regrets, just lessons learned.

Contact me at: maffsnotebook@gmail.com