How to be an Adult? Musings of a fresh-grad

When I was ten years old, I remember whining to my parents about how I am already capable of commuting alone, crossing the street without them holding my hand or watching over me from across, strolling the city by myself, and basically, being an adult already. Because reaching the two-digit age is practically the same as reaching … Continue reading How to be an Adult? Musings of a fresh-grad


Catching Up with Friends

It's always a good time when you hang out with your best friends! Nothing beats a good quality time with them after you've never seen them for quite a while. Though Dumaguete is only a small place, my friends and I rarely get to hang because we have different schedules. It sucks, but it's also … Continue reading Catching Up with Friends

Pinoy Snacks/Merienda

Filipinos are fond of family gatherings, may it be small or intimate gathering of immediate family members or may it be big and "nationwide" such as reunions or fiestas. Filipinos are really fond of socializing and being with their own kin! Now, Sunday is usually coined in the country as "Family Day" because it is … Continue reading Pinoy Snacks/Merienda