2019 and feelings

Hello! It’s me again. To start my not-so-new blog journey this 2019, I want to go ahead and tackle something that I’ve been very much hesitant to talk about (honestly) for all my life, and that is -- feelings. And yes, those mushy, romantic-ish emotions you have over someone. I’ve made the decision to make … Continue reading 2019 and feelings

How to be an Adult? Musings of a fresh-grad

When I was ten years old, I remember whining to my parents about how I am already capable of commuting alone, crossing the street without them holding my hand or watching over me from across, strolling the city by myself, and basically, being an adult already. Because reaching the two-digit age is practically the same as reaching … Continue reading How to be an Adult? Musings of a fresh-grad

20 Inspiring Quotes to Live By

Back in my undergrad years, I was an officer of our academic organization under the Management course. We had this activity where we posted inspirational quotes to every classroom (even CRs) in our building, and we did this in a way to help our fellow students to remember why they started this and that, and … Continue reading 20 Inspiring Quotes to Live By

Respecting Other People’s Time

In the Philippines, we have this so-called “Filipino Time.” It is when someone arrives way past the scheduled time. Fifteen, thirty, forty minutes late. Or when someone texts you “I’m coming” but in reality that person is still about to take a bath. Or when they say, “Getting ready!” but really, they have just woken … Continue reading Respecting Other People’s Time

Ten Beautiful Bisaya Words

Of all the seven thousand plus islands in the Philippines, I am fortunately born in a modest province situated at the Visayas region, specifically at Central Visayas. I grew up having Visaya or Bisaya as my native language, and at first I thought the whole world speak of the same language-- because, why not?--but fortunately … Continue reading Ten Beautiful Bisaya Words