20 Inspiring Quotes to Live By

Back in my undergrad years, I was an officer of our academic organization under the Management course. We had this activity where we posted inspirational quotes to every classroom (even CRs) in our building, and we did this in a way to help our fellow students to remember why they started this and that, and to help them push through the ups and downs of college life. It was also a way to encourage them to never lose hope– to study hard, and to know that everything will be okay as long as you get up and continue your journey.

Here are 20 of the quotes that we stuck to every door/bulletin board of our college building as a friendly reminder that every one can be successful in his or her own ways.

by Tony A. Gaskins Jr.
by Dr. Seuss
by John F. Kennedy
by Harry S. Truman
by Jim Rohn
by John Wooden
by David Brinkley
by Eleanor Roosevelt
by Oscar Wilde
by John D. Rockefeller
by Ray Goforth
by Arthur Ashe
by Robert Collier
by Michael John Bobak
by Bruce Lee
by Charles Kettering
by Jim Rohn
by Francis Chan
by Samuel Beckett
by Robert H. Schuller


Hope these quotes help you guys in one way or another! I wanted to share these quotes, because I really needed them right now and if someone else out there is also needing some kind of inspiration or encouragement, then hopefully this post can help.

I am honestly still in this phase of my life where I often feel a little bit lost and hopeless, like, I already want to figure out my life! But then again, I don’t know how, don’t know which direction to go. I feel stuck. I know I’m still too young to figure things out– and that I should just enjoy every minute of life. And yes, I’ve been living every moment of the now as spectacularly as I can,  but there are just some moments when I still somehow cower to the uncertainty of the future. It sucks because it all goes back again to that fear.

So, anyway, going back to the point of this post, I think we all need these reminders in life; an assurance that we can become anything if we want to. And that, everything will get better eventually.  🙂 It really all just starts within ourselves.

Happy Wednesday and belated Monday! (this is a Motivational Monday and What’s up Wednesday in one post because life’s been shitty the past couple of days, sorry!).

Well, anyway, hope you’ll have a great week ahead! Keep on rocking and spreading those rays of sunshine of yours! 🙂


Lots of love from your friendly probinsyana,



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